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This month is the beginning of a number of exciting endeavors coming up for me as a yoga instructor, Integrative Yoga Therapist and human being - committing is the first step to growth. April 28 this yoga teacher will be expanding her horizons by attending a Reiki certification course with Amy Rowland, M.A., ABMP. Traditional Reiki is an ancient healing system in which the practitioner acts as a channel for healing energy to be received by the client. Incorporating this into my private yoga sessions, clients will receive double healing during their practice, from within and without. Next on the schedule is another trip back to Austin in early May to train again with the beloved Genevieve Yellin, e-RYT, PYT. A specialization training focusing on populations with General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) will certify me as a "trauma sensitive teacher," qualifying me to work specifically with those people suffering from anxiety. Last on my list of adventures for a while will be my Thai Yoga Bodywork training in June with Michael Sitzer, L.M.T. Upon completion, I will be trained and certified to provide private sessions combining yoga and massage using the ancient system of Thai Yoga Massage. Clients will sink in to deep relaxation during this two hour yoga massage and may expedite the psychological experience of inner peace.

May 22 will be the date of my "Mala and Mantra" workshop at Anahata Yoga and Wellness Center in Harleysville, PA. Join me to learn about the tradition of malas, how to use one in your meditation practice and even learn some Sanskrit mantras or chants. Deepen your spiritual and/or meditation practice with the sacred language of Sanskrit and learn why this language is so widely revered in this one hour workshop.

In addition to all this training madness, I hope to be able to offer Yoga Adventures this summer in which we hike, bike, kayak, horse back ride, paddle boat, or any number of fun outdoor activities with a tailored yoga practice at the peak of the day. Overnight camping options available and kids are always welcome! Limited to groups of 6-8 people. Please contact me for more information at

I move forward always first as a student and second as a teacher - I hope to pass on the healing that I find with anyone who may be interested.

Namaste and Froliche Full Moon!
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