Earth Day Agnihotra '12

"When we heal the Earth, we heal our selves"

Earth Day Agnihotra Workshop
@ Anahata Yoga & Wellness Center
Next Sunday - April 22, 2012 - is Earth Day: a well-deserved celebration of this celestial body we call home! Most people make some kind of effort, however small, to cleanse the Earth on this day, perhaps with one of the countless environmental groups hosting park clean up events and other local volunteer projects. Interested in doing something different this year? Come to Anahata Yoga and Wellness Center in Harleysville, PA where I will be offering the studio's first ever Agnihotra ceremony and workshop! Bring your healing energy and share in this fiery celebration of harmony with nature! This particular event is Sunday, April 22, 2012 from 7-8pm, ceremony will start around 7:35. But please remember we can contribute to the betterment of the Earth every day by taking just 15 minutes of our time to connect with the divinity of our beloved planet. I offer sun set Agnihotra on a donation basis any day of the week, just email me if you're interested in fire ceremonies, sacred fire, or experiencing the transformative qualities of this healing fire! Read on to learn more about Agnihotra and Homas.

Agnihotra is cleansing fire ceremony practiced all over the world and revered for its healing and purification powers. "The entire universe pulsates with a coordinated rhythm. This rhythm synchronizes the orbits of the moon, planets, earth and sun. The earth, nature and human body responds to this natural rhythm called the Circadian Rhythm. We human beings align and realign to this rhythm precisely at the sunset/sunrise transition point. This accord with the rhythm brings peace and well-being. A discord naturally produces stress, anxiety and an infinite cycle of strife & sufferings." The smoke produced during the ceremony is found to neutralize radioactivity in the atmosphere and renew brain cells, purifying our entire psychosomatic experience.

Homa-Hof Heiligenberg This website is a great resource to learn more about the practice of Agnihotra, and Homa Therapy/Homa Farming (the therapeutic uses of the Agnihotra ash).

Home of Agnihotra - Healing Fire This is the website that represents my teacher (Shree Mohan Jadhav) and his lineage of practice. It offers a more traditional teaching of the Agnihotra practice. Good resource for learning more about Agnihotra, how to practice it and they even sell Agnihotra supplies.

Homa Therapy International Another well-rounded resource for information on Agnihotra and Homa practices
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