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Why Bhakti?

The Importance of Bhakti Yoga Bhakti is the embodiment of your heart song

Many of us are already walking the Bhakti path and we don't even know it. In the simplest terms, Bhakti is the journey of finding the Divine presence within our hearts. It provides tangible, practical, and daily rituals that help us remain connected to that which we hold sacred deep within our being. Bhakti helps us establish our relationship with the Divine as the central pillar of our lives. We know it's Bhakti when that relationship is unshakeable because we experience it as real in each moment, we see it all around us in the world, and it's always there to guide us when we feel lost. 
Right now, I want to invite you to reflect on all of those things in your life that make your heart light up. Close your eyes, and think about it, feel into it. Which of those things really inspires this natural drive to want to know more, to want to learn everything about it? Think of how you felt the first time you…

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