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Starving for Love

I'm not sure who this post is meant to benefit, but I feel the need to share my experience. This isn't an intentional response to the "Me Too" campaign, but this realization surfaced for me only after the campaign came out. 
Over the past two or three weeks, three men have kissed me. The first two I met at a hostel and the third was in my own house. 2/3 of these kisses were quite uncomfortable for me. Both were during goodbyes, when I offered a hug. I felt that they wanted to kiss me on the lips but I just turned my head and they kissed me on the cheek. The third  kiss was planted on my forehead, which wasn't as invasive and was a little awkward in the way he grabbed my head to do it, but it was also reassuring that he wasn't trying to kiss me on the lips. Two of these men, I specifically told I was celibate. There are many nuances that made these two kisses uncomfortable for me, and a lot of it was the behavior and body language of the men leading up to our g…

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