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Welcome, Annihilation. Please come in.

Today the Sunday sky is gray. Grasping at straws of serenity, my imagination transforms the sounds of cars passing on the wet road into the soft hush of ocean waves lapping on the beach. A perfect day for reflective introspection. How far have I come? 
It's days like today that I just want to close. Some days the openness is too much. I feel that I could just be dissolved in the rain. There would be nothing left of me. When we open, we let people in and they will take and take and take. The things they do happen to leave behind are not usually very nice either. When you open, people jump at the opportunity to judge you, to criticize you, and to try and bring you down; to see how far they have to push you until you close again. I'm not sure where this sick impulse comes from but I've experienced it over and over again, from strangers, from loved ones, from all angles imaginable. That's the danger of this journey of authenticity. Opening and staying open means openin…

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