Searching for Truth in the Dense Forest of Delusion

When your intelligence has passed out of the dense forest of delusion,
you shall become indifferent to all that has been heard and all that is to be heard.

We are all in search of truth to some degree, whether it be absolute or personal, it is where we find solid foundation to discover, cultivate and embody our life purpose. No matter where you are in your journey, you may be able to relate to faith as a medium for accepting truth. Perhaps your faith lies in some higher power, in your family unit, in your society, or even simply in your own self. As we dive deeper and deeper into our trusting hearts, we are able to objectively open our whole selves more and more to that which rings most true to us. As we raise our vibration and with it, our entire consciousness (on a personal and global scale), we begin to have more uninhibited and unsheathed access to Divine truth and guidance. The further inward we travel, the closer we may come to union with Divine. 

Paramatma is a sanskrit word that refers to the residence of God within each and every living entities' heart. This Divine presence within us is inherent and to access it, relate to it and embody it, we need only to disrobe our material nature. That is, we must take off the shades of material existence; discontinue this incessant tendency to identify with the body as the self and embrace our eternal spiritual nature. The Buddhists have many practices to train the mind to see the impermanence of the material world; the nature of existence is in flux. For the Buddhist, this is a big part of what it means to know absolute truth, to understand reality and to be free from illusion and the suffering that comes from being bewildered within the illusion. This concept of impermanence is a beneficial practice for all people, not just Buddhists. When we begin to enter into our spiritual selves, we discover many different layers of truth and in each layer of discovery, we receive pure guidance in how to apply it. You may be familiar with the concept of synchronosity? By simply paying close attention to seemingly small coincidences, we may begin to find a clearly laden path that we were previously oblivious to. Some follow this path out of sheer curiosity and some follow out of absolute faith. For those of us who have followed at all, we know that acknowledging synchronistic events helps to manifest them at a more and more rapid pace until everything seems to fall perfectly into place, moment to moment. Of course there are always hiccups, but the general rule of manifestation remains. In this same methodical way, we may find our personal truth and in it's purest essence, we will discover within our own personal truth the absolute.

Just as recognizing/acknowledging coincidences is the beginning of conscious manifestation in the theory of synchronosity, learning to listen to and honor our personal truth as it evolves is just the beginning of accessing our inherent Divine guidance. In The Science of Self-Realization, Srila Prabhupada says, "To [fully] understand God by our own speculation is not possible, for God is unlimited and we are limited. Our knowledge and perception are both very limited, so how can we understand the unlimited?" The Bhagavad-gita is accepted as God-given knowledge of the eternal Divine Supersoul and directly receiving knowledge from Divine, Prabhupada says, is the only way to know absolute truth. In simply owning a bona fide copy of the Bhagavad-gita, we receive and absorb it's transcendental energy and potential. In reading the text with an objective mind, we may further our own understanding of it's transcendental wisdom and begin to speculate on its personal applications. When we actively apply this knowledge to our own reality and our own selves, we tangibly begin the process of purification that will lead us back to our eternal spiritual nature. The best way to navigate our way out of the "dense forest of delusion" that is the material existence is to acquire as much pure knowledge as possible and learn to personalize it in such a way that we may learn to embody our purest nature. When we have transcended the illusion of material existence and reached the spiritual platform, our intelligence will be superior to any material influence and we may know in our own heart the absolute truth. At this point of conscious evolution, we are free from karma and attain our place in the eternal spiritual realm.

"Civilization is static unless there is spiritual movement. The soul moves the body, and the living body moves the world...There is no ultimate benefit in making the material body comfortable at the expense of forgetting the prime necessity of life, which is to regain our lost spiritual identity...One who is convinced of his spiritual identity and is freed from the material conception of existence, who is free from illusion and is transcendental to the modes of material nature, who constantly engages in understanding spiritual knowledge and who has completely severed himself from sense enjoyment can go back to Godhead." (The Science of Self-Realization, p. 5-7)

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