The road is Long and the way is Steep

Each of us experiences some sort of existential angst in our lives. For most, it lurks in those awkward years of pubescence during which we are desperately striving to find our place in a given social stratification system. With a little bit of age and education I began to recognize my growing further and further away from the essence of my being; in this lies the roots of my restlessness. I discovered a constant battle between my true nature and the standards and expectations of the external world suppressing what I knew in my heart to be righteous. Existing in such an unforgivably materialistic society, I have been distracted from the more charming avenues of life. Coming from an economically depressed family, I never understood why it had to be so hard just to be alive, as if death were the easy way. Why was I born if only to suffer? What cosmic forces were behind that cruel joke?

In modern society, we are constantly conditioned to desire, to crave, to consume on a material level; this repetitive behavior of take, take, take penetrates deep into our being and plants the seeds for unquenchable disappointment and lack of fulfillment in our lives. With a constant focus on the physical world and sensory pleasure, we have effectively become estranged as a species from our very nature. Some of us are discouraged from ever recognizing our spirituality, our true connection with the universe and ultimately, with ourselves. This disconnect, although viewed as a religious preference by some, is the root of unhappiness, hatred, jealousy, depression, and the list goes on! You do not have to be religious. In fact, I think it's helpful to refrain from subscribing to any particular institution of faith but rather to seek out your own truth and find that which suits your spiritual needs.

As a result I am now putting forth the effort to become a being of greater awareness while or maybe by embarking on the spiritual path. My spirit draws me to yoga - an ancient practice of compassion, discipline, and dedication dating back thousands of years. The path of the yogi is long and the way is steep, however the reward is so sweet it cannot be described. In yoga we start with what is familiar, the physical (asana), and we slowly begin to peel back the layers of our existence until we reach our true self, the only Self. 

With this blog, I hope to inspire others to embark on their own personal journey of cosmic fulfillment. Do not passively accept the truths I've found as your own; seek out a more personal revelation. When it comes down to it, we cannot believe unquestionably in knowledge without having direct experience. Just as you will never know pain until you experience it first-hand, so too should you expect to be a stranger to God* if you limit your experience with him to the church or any other medium of communication.

When we recognize our place in the cosmos, our questions of existence are answered and we know our role in the world. We feel whole, complete, fulfilled when the image of the Universe is our own. Loneliness becomes a concept of the past when we realize the infinite potential of the human spirit and transcend the barriers of physical existence.

*it should be noted that "God" here implies no religious affiliation, but is rather is a term I will use interchangeably with "the divine," "the cosmos" and/or "the universe." It is merely a familiar point of reference for a more western minded audience.


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